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   Created by Travis Hardin of Huntsville, Alabama, this site is about the genealogy of HARDINs of the i1 genotype, or "Norse" Hardins, in America . Family history with good proof is the eventual goal. To begin to reach that goal, the author(s) will upload a collection of documents, organized as best he can, which he and the visitor (and other contributors) will see with fresh eyes once the data collection is large enough. The author hopes that with enough documents and links in one place -- a click away -- reasoned proposals and weeding-out will be attempted by all interested researchers. He moreover intends to discard as many boxes of papers and computer folders as the size of the Web site allows.

The author emphasizes that some of his connections, especially in the 1700s, may be speculative. But they must be put up so they can be corrected with alternate explanations. (Please see Thinking Behind This Site.)

This site is dependent on some of the information hosted and conventions developed by cousin Bill Hardin at hhhdna.com, including the family color codes and the ancestry trees submitted by participants in the Hardin surname DNA project, and Bill Hardin's presentation of the trees and other information. Bill and Pat Hardin maintain another Hardin repository at freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hhhdoc/

Trees of cooperating researchers of the I1 family:

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