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01 - Ancestors of the 1700s - Facts and Speculation

Here is where you find the earliest and in some cases the most tentative HARDIN(G) family histories. Submit your own research and theories, labeling them appropriately. See Contribute link on the home page. Contributions may be posted immediately.

Also see under Locations/Virginia, Locations/North Carolina, Locations/Maryland, etc.

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02 - Gabriel Harding

Gabriel Harding (b. bef. 1715) of Lunenburg County, Virginia and Cumberland and Moore Counties in North Carolina.

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07 - John Hardin Sr. of Washington County, Indiana

The writer does not know if John Hardin Sr. is an I1 "Norse" Hardin or an R1b1 uncategorized Hardin. Two men claiming descent from John Hardin have DNA-tested. Dennis Leon Hardin b. 1950 is haplotype I1 and comes from a Norse Hardin. James L. Hardin, son of Lowell Emory Hardin b. 1913 tested as type R1b1 and claims descent from the same John Hardin Sr. A mistake has been made that, without more testing, leaves in question the haplotype of John Hardin Sr. See DNA results at

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09 - Hardins Not Sure or Not Related

Tracing unrelated helps eliminate them from consideration as relatives.

This division includes general Hardin records and notes that refer to multiple states and multiple Hardin families.

10 - Related but Not Known How

Includes Eli Hardin 1808 SC, Joseph Hardin 1802 SC, Joshua Hardin 1780s, Hiram Hardin 1817, Sterling Hardin, Sr. c.1750.

John Harden (1810-25 July 1877) of Oconee County is buried with
Margaret E. Hardin (1813-May 26, 1891)

John Hardin's and Margaret's dates are shown on the Oconee cemetery project:
C58,HARDEN, John, b.1810, d.25-july-1877, w. margaret e.
C58,HARDIN, Margaret E., b.1813, d.26-may-1891, h. john hardin (hardin as on stone)

Code C58 is Double Springs Baptist (1858), also called Double Springs Union, 3 mi. south of Walhalla. Coordinates are N 34 43.381, W 83 02.760, see map at

I have no proof that John Hardin is related except he was buried 8 miles NW of Pendleton, SC, near the earlier home of Robert Carroll Hardin, whose brother and executor was named John.

62 - North Carolina

Section 1 contains items about North Carolina in general or Hardins in North Carolina. The other sections are arbitrary divisions. Each division is further divided into counties. Extinct counties whose names no longer exist have their own pages.

69 - South Carolina

I1 Hardin interest is centered on Pendleton District, and later Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee Counties--the Golden Corner, as some geneaolgy sites refer to it. The first known Hardins were Gabriel Hardin and John Hardin who arrived before 1790. Some of their children and grandchildren migrated to Alabama and other points south. Joseph Hardin on Saluda River is not a related Hardin.

Hardin families were found at the first census in Chester County. The writer doesn't know of a connection to them.

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